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Religion debate chat room

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Religion debate chat room

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What can we do to make this course better and why do you think so? As I metnioned many times a chat room would be a very good idea.

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Just like in the class setting, students will participate if and when they want to. However, in the beginning of this course I felt that there was so much material to cover could not accomplish it all due to the quick due dates.

Background and facts

The people that participated did so because of their own strong feelings about religion. So I believe that everything is doable only when one wants to do that.

The sequence of the course material made sense. How could the course be improved in terms of my interaction, participation, and management of the course? You encouraged debate.

Not just the interaction between people but also the type of interaction. I do not believe that the structure or de of the course should be changed.

I feel that the sequence of the course material was perfect; after every asment given, new questions would arise, where the next module would help answering it. I liked how everything was broken up into small part because ddebate was easier to learn this way. Students tend to learn better when they have to research materials on their own in order to find the right answers, by you participating anymore it would have stopped us from learning some things on our own.

The course materials were sequenced very well.

Philosophy chat room

None, this question seems to be connected to the one above. In my opinion, you did a good job.

I feel quite strongly about those critiques and think they are absolutely pedantic. But again, that just adds more work.


Questions and statements allowed as far as they are relevant to the "History of Islam. I think that the course was laid out very well, sometimes we got carried away in our conversations and jumped to other topics, but as far as a learning sequence every thing was very understandable.

I found other religions were very difficult to write about or find rekigion on. But like I said, you have to expect a lot of reading and writing when taking a philosophy course, let alone philosophy of religion. The course was de to fulfill its function and I believe that it did.

Ruling on discussions in chat rooms about religious matters and polls concerning them

The answers should be obvious to the students that read the textbook. People shared dbate opinions clearly and were not afraid to speak what they felt.

Maybe if the students were not allowed to enter into another section of that module until the specified date, there would be more sharing of ideas in each section. It was sometimes hard to move on to the next section of the discussion.

I am currently taking quite a few credits and work full time, this gives me virtually no time to drive to school, and here I can comfortably do the asments without rushing to school after work. Thank you for all your help. So I feel that maybe a scheduled meeting online once or twice a week might help in that situation.

I become obsessed, trying to show that I am right, and all of my focus was on one debate while others already moved on, debating elsewhere before that section was open. The part of this course that I liked the best was the interaction with the other students. Specific answers to specific asment questions that can be found in the online text would help a lot.

The most reading was the very first module where we covered every religion. I wanted to be able to post at am or on Sunday, if necessary. I also am not that quick on my feet, so I had time to think about what I was going to say and I think that Cat was able to express myself better.

Part 5: What changes would you suggest be made to the quantity of work required for this course? I think stating a little more clearly from the outset religuon one is going to have to learn a whole new way of thinking in order to stay within the realm of philosophical thought and debate could help.

I thought that there could be more lecture notes, but because you wrote the text, I guess the lecture notes would american men been repetitive. I am also currently taking another online class and religiin with the virtual classroom, I believe that this might help in acquainting each student with everyone.

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It is too time consuming to have to log on to a post only to find out that it is irrelevant, etc. The pace of the class, i. FAQs are available for both soc.