Are you an editor needing a rights managed editorial Carolina stock photo? If you are, you’ll find plenty to choose from my Alamy Carolina photo collection.

My Carolina Stock Photo Collection – Photography & Love of Travel in Sync

Carolina stock photo

Carolina stock photo

I fell in love with Carolina travel photography at a later age. In my 40’s I did all the “educational” stuff to become somewhat technically efficient at creating images (blush). Sounds cold and boring, doesn’t it? Not at all!

In the beginning, I was extremely excited to shoot fashion photos of beautiful models. I also created beautiful family portraits which would eventually become heirlooms to the children and grandchildren.

But then a light came on. I asked myself; “Am I truly happy simply ‘making a living‘ from my photography? Am I really stretching myself to the limits of my creativity? The answer was a “big fat NO” as my friend Monty says.

I constantly travel throughout North and South Carolina so why not combine stock pictures with my travels?

The Unyielding Love of Creating a Carolina Stock Photo

Travel stock photography of the Carolina area allows me to create images that are enticing for photo editors. It allows my wife and I to travel & meet new people. Both of us enjoy traveling to the SC Low Country (Myrtle Beach & Beaufort).

Don’t discount the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and everything in-between! Let’s face it. I’m blessed to live a few hours from the SC beaches to the mountains.

All my Carolina stock photos are “rights managed” so you can rest assured they will not be scattered all over like royalty free.

But enough of the techno garble. You love the Carolina area. I love to create stock images of Carolina for you!

My Story & Passion for Travel Became a Vehicle for Carolina Stock Photography

You see, Jean (my wonderful, lovely wife) and I have a passion for travel. We love our home state of South Carolina. We also enjoy driving across the line into NC.

So, we dropped the comfort of the photography studio and hit the open road to photograph the Carolina we know.

Can you guess what else happened? We discovered a new adventure! Our travel website is called Carolina stock photo, and we’ve never looked back. We found there is a story behind every stock picture we make. There’s also a memory attached to each click of the shutter so you’ll see my heart and soul each time you visit one of my Carolina stock photo pages.

As we travel from the beaches of South Carolina to the NC Outer Banks, we’ll share our experiences with you through editorial photos.

Your Passion for Carolina Travel Stories & Photos Matches Mine, Doesn’t It?

You have that passion for travel and creatives or you wouldn’t be reading this. If this is true, hop on board and experience the journey with me through my Carolina photographs. It won’t take long for you to realize why I’m so passionate about being a traveling editorial stock photographer.

I’m proud to share my photographic work with you and tell the story behind creating them.

Need a Specific Carolina Stock Photo? I’ll Shoot “On Spec”

Lastly, I’d love to hear your views about my work or travel stories. Please take time to comment on the Carolina editorial stock photos you see here. Share your picture needs with me by contacting me. Or, you can download a comp of Carolina stock images for future use at Alamy Images.


I’m ready to hear from you. I can travel to most South & North Carolina locations (Georgia too!) in two days or less.

Got a photo assignment? Let me know! Thanks again and please come back often! – Bob Pardue

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